So this morning I had an mail exchange with Julian Goldie over at King Passive (Cryptocurrency blog/resources).  Aside from seeming like a super nice guy — which you can tell straightaway both from interacting with him personally but also from his site — it’s clear that he’s passionate about cryptocurrency and that he enjoys passing along his passion to others.

One of the things he mentioned in the exchange was that he had written a sort of “primer” on his blog about Ethereum. I checked it out and it seems really informative.

Now, full disclosure that I don’t know Julian personally and prior to today I wasn’t super familiar with his blog.  That said, I am now, subscribed to it this morning, and I am looking forward to hearing what he has to say next.  As you know, I’m sometimes a little hesitant to pass along resources that I don’t know intimately (I’ve been burned in the past by the subtle “sales pitch” that wasn’t immediately apparent), but in this case If there’s a “catch” I certainly can’t figure out what it is.

Anyway, whether you’re interested in Ethereum specifically, smart contracts generally, industry use of blockchain, or even just cryptocurrency in the abstract, this could be a great resource.   Just wanted to pass it along.