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Cybersecurity Advisors

Timely Guidance

The security landscape changes quickly: from attacks to methods to the marketplace.  Let us help you get up to speed quickly.

Innovative Ideas

What everyone else is doing may not be the best thing for you and your business.  Let us help you think outside the box with creative solutions.

Latest Technology

New technologies like blockchain, smart contracts, AI, and others are changing the risk landscape.  We can help you understand how it all fits together.

Clear Communication

It doesn’t matter what you do if you can’t communicate the value and build strong teams. From training to whitepapers, we can help you create a compelling message.

Recent Blog Posts

Our latest thoughts on all things security

Digital Pearl Harbor? 100%

In this business, every once in a while you hear somebody bring up the "digital pearl harbor" - sometimes you hear it as "cyber pearl harbor" or (also occasionally, to convey a slightly different connotation) the "digital (or cyber) 911". This is "a thing" that comes...

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Buying Bitcoin to prep for Ransomware?

In "sublime to ridiculous" news, I saw this article detailing a recent conversation between Jim Cramer (yes, that Jim Cramer) and CyberArk's CEO Udi Mokady in reference to organization hoarding Bitcoin to use for ransomware purposes. It's not the first time this has...

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DNA Malware (and bash fork bombs)

I saw this in the blogosphere the other day and I wasn't planning on commenting .  But then I saw it also in the trade press... and then I saw it getting more coverage... and then I saw it in some more blogs and more press... and then Ars Technica covered it... and...

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About Our Team

Diana Kelley

Chief Security Advisor, Co-Founder

I am a cybersecurity thought leader, practitioner, executive advisor, speaker, author and co-founder of SecurityCurve. I was the Global Executive Security Advisor at IBM Security and built and managed the IBM Security Research Community Newsroom. I leverage my 25+ years of cyber risk and security experience to provide advice and guidance to CSOs, CIOs and CISOs at some of the world’s largest companies. At IBM I was a regular contributor to X-Force Research, lead author of IBM’s “5 Indisputable Facts about IoT Security” and co-author of the “Securing the C-Suite” and “Cybersecurity in the Cognitive Era” studies.

I am a faculty member with IANS Research, an Industry Mentor at the CyberSecurity Factory and a guest lecturer at Boston College’s Master of Science in Cybersecurity program. Earlier in my career, I was the VP in charge of the Security and Risk Management Strategies service at Burton Group, a GM at Symantec, the VP of Security Technology at Safe3W, a Manager in KPMG Financial Services consulting, and the Manager of Global Systems Administration at Dataware Technologies.

I have been Chair of a number of conferences for MISTI, served on the Advisory Board for InfoSec World, Structure Security and the Content Committee for the Executive Women’s Forum, and the 2018 Program Committee for RSA US. I was an IEEE “Rock Star of Risk” in 2016 and speak and keynote frequently at major conferences including: TED, RSA, CyberTech, CompuTex, ComDex, Interop, BlackHat, and InfoSec World. I appear frequently in media as a cybersecurity expert, including: NY Times, WSJ, Time, WGBH, WNBC, MSNBC, and Fox News. I co-authored the book Cryptographic Libraries for Developers, and wrote the chapter on “PKI and Directories” for the PKI: Wiley Tech Brief.

  • Risk Assessment 75%
  • Security Architecture 85%
  • IoT Security 60%
  • Outreach and Writing 95%

Ed Moyle


Ed Moyle is currently Director of Thought Leadership and Research for ISACA. Prior to joining ISACA, Ed was Senior Security Strategist with Savvis and a founding partner of the analyst firm Security Curve. In his 15+ years in information security, Ed has held numerous positions including: Senior Manager with CTG’s global security practice, Vice President and Information Security Officer for Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, and Senior Security Analyst with Trintech. Ed is co-author of Cryptographic Libraries for Developers and a frequent contributor to the Information Security industry as author, public speaker, and analyst.


  • Application Security 90%
  • Threat Modeling 80%
  • Compliance and Assessment 75%

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